Aquos from Roca, inspired by nature

Stone-like textures and advanced anti slip technology for the most modern shower tray of Stonex®

The presentation of Aquos, a designer shower tray, with modern looks and ultra flat design has been inspired by nature and will equip original bathroom spaces with additional safety features. The new Aquos shower tray includes Stonex® technology, an exclusive and in-house development new technology by Roca to ensure the highest anti slip grade for the firm´s shower tray product portfolio.

Aquos features a very original rectangular waste design that becomes available in two different version: the option with a high quality stainless steel grid cover or a direct matching cover plate, manufactured in the same material Stonex®, for a fully integrated look of the product. A subtle frame pattern that contours the entire shower tray considerably increases the drainage performance and avoids water pooling.

The characteristic texturized surface finish of Aquos, a design feature that is achieved on the tray during the production process, creates a highly sophisticated stone look, at the time it provides a Class C anti slip grade according to the German standard DIN 51097 regulation. This specially engineered process and product feature guarantees maximum security inside the shower, as well as a gentle, natural and pleasing sensation. Because of the upper Gel Coat ISO NPG layer application, the new Aquos product shows great resistance against general tear and wear, the use of chemical cleaning agents and discolouration caused by sunlight and artificial light sources. Moreover, the shower tray is maintenance friendly and can be cleaned with a standard soap and water rinsing.

Aquos is available in a vast range of colour finishes such as – White, Broken White, Slate, Black, Cement and Mocha colour. The Aquos shower tray has a striking rectangular design and can be installed flush levelled and moreover can be cut to size from a minimum dimension of 800x600mm to a maximum of 2000x1000mm for its king size model.