The 2017 BdB Meeting exponentially increases its results

The increase in the business volume during the meeting has reached 82% compared to previous 2016 figures

The recent Spanish BdB Group meeting, held for professionals of the sector, has brought together almost half a thousand attendees, a remarkable 50% more than in the previous edition of 2016. The 2017 BdB meeting brought together associates, suppliers and partners of the BdB Group. All of the attendees shared a professional collaborative space, aimed at fostering and consolidating business relationships and seeking synergies of increased customer loyalty among all the parties involved in the happening. This years´ number of suppliers, presenting their new product releases, increased by a striking 39%, largely exceeding earlier performance rates, compared to the previous year. This figure is further distributed according to the following product categories: construction materials 48%, DIY shop 29% and for ceramic tile and bathroom showroom 23%. During the two-day lasting meeting, all attendants were given the opportunity to learn first-hand about the principal concerns of the group's associates and how to put solutions to it. Furthermore, question rounds about other doubts were treated and focussed on strengthen present business relationships and built up new contact networking.

Among the innovations presented at the event, the new BdB house branded product line should be highlighted, taking in consideration the recent launch of the BdB cold asphalt offer, the new developed ceramic product lines and the important expansion of the range of paints. The highly positive feedback gathered by the organization are clearly backed-up by the facts and figures drawn from the event. A positive feeling and market situation, that encourages members to be very optimistic regarding the future growth figures of the Group. The positive trend has been visible, both in volume of purchases and order taking, as in number of visitors and interested parties. All of this contributed to the statement that the 2017 BdB Meeting has turned out to be a complete success for the Central Purchasing and Service company. By doing so, the event consolidates its first place as a professional cooperation space to strengthen relations between Associates from different areas of Spain. The meeting outcome invites to further positive thinking and will make that the upcoming BdB Meeting 2018 will be a must-attend event for all of the Group's professionals.