Roca presents the new 2022 edition of “Everything in bathrooms”

Roca, the leading brand in the production and design of equipment for the bathroom environment, presents the new 2022 edition of its magazine ‘Everything in bathrooms', where the very latest trends in product design and interior design are showcased.

Acquabella puts into operation the largest automated shower tray manufacturing line in Europe

The Spanish Acquabella brand was born more than 25 years ago, and since that moment it has never stopped growing, committed to always taking care of the quality of its products and providing excellent service to its customers.

The Engineered Stone Group announces the acquisition of Nuovvo and Fiora

The Engineered Stone Group (ES Group) has announced the acquisition of Spanish brands Fiora and Nuovvo, two of the main European manufacturers in the bathroom equipment sector within the shower tray segment.

The new Hermes shower tray by OhMyShower

The Spanish brand Ohmyshower, striving for constant and continuous commitment to R&D, has recently presented its latest shower tray. It concerns the Hermes model, featuring a nanotechnology application that has been used in its composition, in order to create a product with unique properties.

Dare to be different with the new Ideal Standard silk black finish

Ideal Standard, one of the leading manufacturers for providing designer solutions for public and private bathrooms since more than 100 years, has recently presented a new silk black finish.

Get the Mediterranean look with the Acquawhite collection by Acquabella

Acquabella's impressive Acquawhite collection has been conceived thanks to its new Dolotek® material. This innovative material allows the creation of almost sculptural and highly precise designs and shapes, without sacrificing on the quality of the product, one of the pillars of the Spanish brand.

The Cratos ceramic shower tray from Roca, manufactured in Senceramic®

The Cratos shower tray from Roca reunites all the innovating benefits of Senceramic® with an extra slim design and extraordinary anti-slip properties. Available in 5 colours - White, Beige, Cafe, Perla and Onix, the Cratos shower tray can be cut to size and can be built in, flush with the floor level, to eliminate architectural barriers for improved accessibility.

Laufen renews its Spanish headquarters in Madrid

Laufen, the leading Swiss firm in the design and manufacturing of bathroom equipment, renews its headquarters in Madrid, transforming it into a unique new space with the aim to promote design creativity and dialogue between different disciplines.

Official launch of the Acquabella Virtual Tour

Spanish brand Acquabella puts technology at the service of its customers with the launch of an ambitious and innovative project, that will immerse the user in an unprecedented virtual experience: the Acquabella Virtual Tour.

Everything in Bathrooms 2021 now on the Roca website

Roca, a market leader in the design, production and marketing of products for the bathroom environment, has already uploaded its latest editions of its 2021 publications on its website www.roca.es