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Runtal Folio Corner, now more functional than ever

The prestigious Italian designer studio King & Miranda has created Folio Corner for Runtal. An innovative design that offers maximum comfort to bathroom spaces. The characteristic towel rails are open at the side, allowing an easy access and use for placing towels. Moreover, the towel holders allow adjustment at different heights and the choice of placing one or two rail accessories as per the user needs. 

Following the design spirit of the Runtal Folio bathroom radiators, the Runtal Folio Corner version, appeals for its ultra flat shape and light appearance. Based on the heat efficient technological innovations with a honeycomb structure infused with natural expanded graphite, Runtal Folio Corner guarantees a combination of comfortable aesthetics and energetically efficient heat output. Only this innovative heating technology has made it possible for Runtal to develop strikingly flat and lightweight radiators without sacrificing on heat efficiency.