Making by Fiora. Infinite textures for your bathroom.

Making is a collection that perfectly reflects the essence of Fiora: design and textures. Straight clean lines, countertops and furniture that merge into a single aesthetic object. It opens an array of unlimited furniture options and infinite possibilities for edges. Making proposes multiple options, from standard sized furniture to offering the opportunity of fully customized units. This collection is composed of furniture with plinth and 3 drawers, wall mounted furniture with 1 or 2 drawer options. All furniture options allow integrated towel rails on the sides or shelf options.

The consoles and vanity units contribute a great modular versatility to the series, allowing different design compositions responding to the available space and customer requirements. In addition, the collection is completed with a comprehensive range of accessories: mirrors, wall mounted units, column cabinets, shelves and other matching items.

In terms of finishes, the Making collection offers 3 textures: a classic tinted Slate finish, the recently launched Lisa texture and the new Stucco texture, used for the first time with Fiora furniture. All these textures can be applied to a colour palette of more than 20 colours, both in Solid and Nature.