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José Manuel Ferrero.

Estudi |LF|H|RF|ac.

C/Turia, 7 Bajo
46008, Valencia, España.


José Manuel Ferrero

José Manuel Ferrero, from Estudi |LF|H|RF|ac

José Manuel Ferrero is the soul of Estudi |LF|H|RF|ac. He is considered creative and ingenious, with great passion for his work and for producing elegant and exclusive designs. The Savile Row tailors, well-known for their meticulousness at work, have been his main guidance and inspiration from the very beginning, and specially because of the elaboration of each piece made to measure, to suit each person, because each customer is unique.

The design shop Estudi |LF|H|RF|ac was founded by Ferrero back in 2003. With creative talent and multidisciplinary appeal, it has specialized in custom work for ephemeral installations, interior architecture and product design; looking for unique settings for visionary clients with an elegant approach similar to the characteristic English tailoring. The team has a vast experience in theoretical and practical problem solving for retail spaces, hospitality and commercial areas. They work aiming to exceed expectations by looking for the most original and innovative solutions. The works of this design practice from Valencia are based on simplicity and timeless design.

Ferrero claims, bathrooms in current home design have become a place of isolation of the world, "where you create an atmosphere of disconnection and relaxation that allows our body to recharge energy. And it has become a more carefully designed place, where everything is calculated in detail, to turn the bathroom experience and the minutes spent there, into an escape window from the stressful pace of the world. There is an upward trend to create larger bathrooms to boost those moments of relaxation and unwinding.

José Manuel Ferrero explains that, in recent years, there has been an important movement in the world of bathroom design by increasing focus on well-being and health care: "modern life makes us move at a frenetic rhythm, in which the body is exposed to a series of increasingly extreme conditions"; due to this, the time of bathing or showering becomes essential to us".

In terms of major technical developments, the designer considers home automation applied to the bathroom as one of the most important progress. For example, the use of digital controls operated by sensor systems, to adjust flow rate and selection of water ways without the need of touching handles or levers: "now bathrooms have become a kind of mini-spa areas, where home automation and automats appear as the principal characters. "The idea of wellness applied to the bathroom environment is already a reality".

Ferrero claims that in few years time residential bathrooms will become design spaces that will show great similarity to the present hotel bathroom designs: "the main difference between bathrooms for public or private use lies in the quality of the used materials; but then having said that, recently few companies have started to rebuild the image of public bathrooms in a very flawless and clean way".