Jaime Hayón 

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C/Convento de Santa Clara, 10, pta. 9
46002, Valencia, España.


Jaime Hayón

Jaime Hayón: Humour, creativity and passion for design.

Jaime Hayón is one of the most recognized and important contemporary designers, not only in his home country, but also in the rest of the world. His distinguishing works are immediately recognizable by their typical characteristics of humour, creativity, colours and forms.

Born in Madrid in 1974, Jaime studied Interior Design in London and Paris. He started his education in Factory, the Academy of Design and Communication founded by Benetton, where he worked with Oliveiro Toscani. Soon he became the Head of the Design Department. After Factory, he did his first collaboration with BD for the Mail Me project.

In 2004, he decided to establish his own design practice.  He settled in Barcelona, where he began to work in various projects and exhibit his creations in art galleries. His exhibition Mediterranean Digital Baroque, at the David Gallery of London, together with the bathroom collection designed for Artquitect meant the start of his brilliant career at international level.

From that moment on, he was asked to participate in many exhibitions at important galleries all over the world, such as the Vivid Gallery, Mak Wien, Groninger Museum, the Aram Gallery, London's Design Museum, the Mudac Museum, the Thomas Gallery in Munich, the Walker Art Center, Centre Pompidou... At present, some of his works still remain at permanent exhibitions at these museums and galleries.

He created innovative designs for a variety of brands such as BD, Lladro, Bisazza, Swarovski, Camper, Metalarte, Moooi, Baccarat, Parachilna, Eco Wallpaper... The awards and recognitions followed one another. One of the most recent recognitions is the German Design Awards form 2016, achieved for the Frames Chair designed for the Valencian company Expormim. Nowadays he also holds the title of director of the Master of European Design Labs of the European Institute for design of Madrid, since its fourth edition inside the Platform of the Masters of Design and Innovation.

So far, the designer has opened his offices in Italy, Japan and Spain. Each one of the objects designed by Jaime Hayón is the expression of his unique and exceptional design language, and belongs to the "universe of Hayón", positioned at the very first level of the international design scene. His work conveys strength, character and passion, but at the same time it is capable of discovering delicate and exquisite forms. He pays great attention to detail infusing in everyday objects a great dose of humour and fun. Moreover, his Mediterranean character has made him master the techniques of colour and sense of lightness... 

His works are diverse, they range from decorative wall paper, lamps, tables, chairs, stools, bathroom series, furniture, to shoes, watches, porcelain figures... as well as complete interior designs for hotels, shops, trendy places, museum halls, etc.